A mid-week package you weren’t expecting 🎁

It’s mid-week so I bet you weren’t expecting an email from me just yet. But I had an idea…

(What else is new?)

So I’d planned to do something like this when we hit a 100 on here but that’s been months ago (my bad).

I’d like to make something abundantly clear: I’m really not trying to “gather followers” here. My somewhat safe assumption is this — if you’re here, you’re a generally curious person. Which I think is a top-notch trait.

And so, I’d like to actually meet you. Because what’s better than curious conversations inside my own head? Those with fellow curious people.

You can send me an email on, introducing yourself. And share something random — anything really.

What do you think the purpose of humanity is?

What’s something you’re passionate about and would like to share (if I could return the favour by being supportive as well)?

Whether you think pineapple belongs on pizza (hopefully I don’t fight you on this one haha)?

Don’t be shy!

Looking forward to hearing from ya!

P. S., appreciate all the support!